What Happened?

Sitting browsing the BBC News website today and I read a story that had me asking what has happened to journalistic integrity? The story of Gareth Thomas and how he was forced to go public about his HIV because tabloids threatened to “out” him was sickening. Not only that, a reporter then told Gareth’s parents about his HIV before he had a chance to discuss it with them.

“They took that right away from me.

“I’m lucky that I have parents who love me and will support me through anything, but I deserved to have that moment with them.”

Perhaps I am one of the very few. But when it comes to journalistic integrity, it is something I hold dear and would never jeapordise. Unfortunately it is not something that a lot of reporters have these days. What is more important to them is getting the hot story in the pages and to hell with anyone who may get hurt in the process. It really pisses me off to think that a man who was dealing with a very serious illness had the added anxiety and worry of whether the press would reveal the details about it to the public. Then they went a step further and took away the chance for him to tell his parents.

How these people sleep at night is beyond me. Unfortunately we live in a world with a twenty-four hour news cycle and everyone seems to be hell bent on getting the information out there first. The consequences are not even considered. It is about time these parasites are held responsible for the heartache and upset they cause. But who will do that?

I wish Gareth Thomas was not having to go through this and could deal with his illness in privacy. Every human being deserves to be able to deal with something so awful without having to worry about this sort of behaviour.









Dog Lovers Show Does It Again!


This weekend saw the return of the Dog Lovers Show to Glasgow. The two day event was held at the SEC Centre and catered to dog lovers with an array of beautiful dogs and a shopping paradise. Dog breed clubs brought dogs that people could interact with and learn more about the breeds should they be considering. It was an excellent opportunity for people to meet different breeds of dogs and talk to the knowledgable owners of those dogs.

With an variety of dog breeds from Golden Retrivers to the endangered Otter Hound, this show catered for even the most hardcore dog fan. Treats, toys, beds, grooming equipment and holistic remedies were just some of the things available to purchase. My own dogs were thrilled with the cow ears, hooves and toys I brought home for them and my cats were more than happy with the treats they received.

The organisers of the show should be very proud for their accomplishment in bringing such a positive experience to Glasgow for dog owners. There are few opportunities for prospective dog owners to meet so many different breeds in the one place and have a chance to speak to the owners of those dogs for advice and guidance.

Some internet doggy celebrities were also present at the Instadogs stand where the famous dogs of Instagram could mingle with those who follow them. There were lots of cuddles to be had, especially with Motorbike Milly whose now a little sister to her owners new baby. A huge congratulations to them on their new arrival who was at the show and is cute as a button.


The main arena of the show played host to numerous demonstrations from dog handlers, including a duck herding collie and two very well trained Rottweilers doing bite work. There was a little something for everyone which makes this show one of the best I have attended. I was thrilled to be able to cover the show last year and even more so to return for a second year. I hope that the show returns next year because it is a wonderful experience and if you haven’t had a chance to attend, definitely arrange to go next time. You won’t regret it.

There cannot be enough praise given to this show. With something for everyone and their dog, it is an event that shouldn’t be missed. It was fantastic to see so many happy dogs with their owners who clearly adore them. The Dog Lovers Show is a fantastic show and a great celebration of dogs.