CRUFFA’s Swing and Miss

The day that was planned to be the jewel in CRUFFA’s crown was a dud when some laughable photos and captions were put on the CRUFFA Facebook group. The first was of a bulldog on it’s way into Crufts with Jemima stating the temperature was 10 degrees and the dog was panting. It was quickly pointed out that a lot of the dogs will pant on their way into Crufts as it is quite a walk from the car park to the NEC, not to mention a lot of dogs get excited seeing other dogs and people. It was really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find fault.

Another alleged incident saw Jemima’s photographer Sue Thatcher confronted politely when she was taking photos of Bulldogs in their benching area. When she was asked if she had permission to photograph the dogs, she quickly walked away.

Never the less, it was a good day for exhibitors who enjoyed watching some very beautiful dogs strutting their stuff on the green carpet and the dogs having fun while spending time with their owners.

2 thoughts on “CRUFFA’s Swing and Miss

  1. Bit late seeing this… But just to say that it wasn’t Sue – who did not take pictures for CRUFFA at this year’s Crufts. I believe this was vet Emma Milne (nothing at all to do with me). I think Emma told the story on her Facebook.


    • Sue was caught taking photos. An exhibitor caught her taking photos and when asked if she had permission she left pretty quickly.

      Regardless. It was a good Crufts and little to no interference.


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