True Colours?

Jemima Harrison has possibly shown her true colours following a debate on her CRUFFA group about a Tesco duvet set. You read that correctly, a duvet set.

It started with a post by JH about a duvet set which has a pug on it sold by Tesco and ended with her cursing at another member who challenged her. As you will read below, the other member remained polite and made their point without resorting to personal insults. The other member was told by JH to “F**k off” before being banned.

One of the points made by JH was that Tesco no longer sell battery farmed eggs which I have disproven as you will see from the picture below. Up until this point, I have not been permitted to join the CRUFFA group and several other pedigree supporters have been banned from the group in recent weeks after challenging posts made in the group. So it seems if you debate with JH then you are banned from the group. Very mature.

However, it is quite a change from her attacking the pedigree breeders who are trying to make a difference to certain breeds. When asked why they don’t go after puppy farmers and those breeding dogs to make money, one of her members stated that the puppy farmers would not listen. Indeed that sounds sensible, attack those who are trying to make a difference. That’s how it’s done *sarcasm*.

Whatever happens in the next few weeks, let’s hope she doesn’t resort to such bad language and downright rudeness. With Crufts coming up, who knows what will happen. No doubt her members will be in attendance and taking pictures of dogs without permission. All I can say is watch this space.